What we do

The Co-ordinating Assembly of Non-Governmental Organisations (CANGO) in Swaziland was established in 1983.

It was set initially as a network for NGOs working in primary health care.

After CANGO’s mandate broadened in 1987, we have grown to become the national umbrella body for all non-governmental organisations in the country.

We coordinate the NGO sector and build the capacity of our member organisations — so they to fulfil their mandates. We also aim to influence national and international policies by advocating for measures that we think we help the country.

In short, CANGO co-ordinates the Swazi NGO sector, helps to build the capacity of the sector, and campaigns and advocates for meaningful social change.


An empowered and vibrant civil society for social justice


CANGO strives to be a common voice for effectively and efficiently serving NGOs, civil society, cooperating partners, and marginalised people in Swaziland


  • To provide a forum that facilitates capacity building and dialogues for identifying issues of concern affecting the marginalised
  • To facilitate a coordinated NGO development program
  • To serve as a facility for receiving, processing, and sharing information to benefit CANGO stakeholders
  • To engage, advocate, and lobby decision-makers, government and cooperate partners for concerns of the disadvantaged
  • To foster strategic partnerships

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