CANGO calls for the prioritization of Health & Agriculture in the National Budget

Mr Emmanuel Ndlangamandla, CANGO executive Director made the following contributions in terms of prioritization for the National Budget: The Coordinating Assembly of Non-governmental Organisations Secretariat would like to make a contribution on what the national budget should contain. As an organisation we are aware that plans for presenting the budget to the nation are now [...]


PRESS RELEASE: CANGO congratulates SWAGAA’s Cebile Manzini-Henwood on prestigious award

On behalf of the CANGO Governing Board, the membership and the Secretariat, we would like  to convey our heartfelt congratulation to Ms Cebile Manzini-Henwood for having won a prestigious award for being a great leader that deserves recognition in Africa. Having experienced first-hand how  Ms Manzini-Henwood applies her mind, energy and talent to promoting women, [...]