CANGO Annual Report 2012-13

Click here for the full PDF document of CANGO’s Annual Report for 2012-13

Chairperson’s Report
The non for profit sector in Swaziland has faced, and is still facing, enormous challenges when it comes to access to funding for the work we do on the ground.  Nonetheless, it gives me pleasure to once again get the opportunity to give an overview of the progress made by the Board for the year under review.  One would first and foremost extend profound appreciation to the members of the Board for the tremendous work they have done in discharging their duties during this term of office. This of course was made possible by the efficient and hardworking office of the Director and the entire Secretariat.

One cannot help but emphasise that this call of duty is a serious commitment and must be given the due attention and commitment by all of us in the sector.  It has not been easy given the numerous tasks that needed to be undertaken in a very challenging environment.  The management through the office of the Director have been equal to the task ensuring that the day to day running of the office was spot on.  This was in terms of meeting targets and deadlines for all the operational issues

I would therefore like to address myself to some of the key areas/milestones that we have involved ourselves as a board for the year under review. The Board has undertaken to do all its duties outlined in the constitution, mainly being the oversight for all the operations of the organisation. We have ensured that work plans and budget are reviewed vigorously and approved to facilitate and enhance operation of the organisations.

The relevant sub-committees were put in place and were functional given the feedback and reports we received as a board.  Meeting were held on regular basis including any that needed our agent attention.  One would also hasten to indicate that board papers for discussion were dealt with diligently by all board members including the sub-committees. Quorums for meetings were formed which allowed us to carry on with our business promptly and consistently.

One of the critical undertaking for the year under review was capacity training provided by PACT on the whole notion of sound and good governance principles.  I would like to highlight some of these critical areas; these were articulated as the emerging governance Trends and principles according to King 111 and they are as follows:

  • Cultivate and promote an ethical corporate culture
  • Appreciate that strategy, risk, performance and sustainability are inseparable
  • Consider sustainability as a business opportunity
  • Ensure the processes of risk management are in place
  • Manage conflicts of interest
  • Ensure integrity of financial reporting
  • Report on the effectiveness of internal financial controls
  • Training and development for the Boards conducted through formal processes
  • Performance of the Board and its committees evaluated annually
  • Risk insurance for the Board and the Director

One also wishes to take the opportunity to make some general observations and challenges facing the sector.

Click here for the full PDF document of CANGO’s Annual Report for 2012-13


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