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CANGO background: 

The Coordinating Assembly of Non-Governmental Organisation  commonly referred to as CANGO was established in 1983 primarily as a network for NGOs working in Primary Health Care in Swaziland, then in   1987  assumed the  overall   Coordinating body for the   Non-Governmental Organisations in the country.. The core mandate is to facilitate coordination of the NGO sector, building capacity of its members to fulfil their organizational-specific mandates, and to influence national and international policies through advocacy.


 Existence of a society which enjoys a decent standard of living.


CANGO Coordinate and empower NGOs to effectively deliver on their mandates

CANGO Objectives

1.To increase the capacity of CANGO to coordinate the capacity of NGO’s in the country.

2 .To increase and retain NGO’s membership.

3. To strengthen strategic partnerships.

4.To increase the voice of civil society in the development of legal and policy frameworks in the country.

5. NGO’s and CSO’s engage the national budget to increase social spending to address high level of poverty in the country.

6. To increase the capacity of NGO’s to deliver on their mandates

7. To strengthen the capacity of CANGO secretariat to deliver on its mandate.

8. To strengthen CANGO to effectively manage grants from different donors.



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