No Concise Data on the Prevalence of Injected Drug Use (IDU) in Eswatini according to a study commissioned by SACRO.

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In a study commissioned by the Swaziland Association for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of Offenders (SACRO), Drugs are believed to be widely abused in Eswatini. However, there has never been a systematic assessment of the nature, extent and patterns of drug abuse in the country. There is therefore, need to give priority to conducting a rapid assessment of drug abuse in the country.  Such an assessment is essential to the development of policy and the designing of appropriate programmes for the prevention of drug abuse and treatment and rehabilitation of the drug abusers.  COSAD (NGO that used to perate in Eswatini) found that very little progress had been made towards attending to substance abuse, which situation has gone beyond the problem of substance abuse alone, for it relates to the current escalation of crime, family and social breakdown.

The full report as published by SACRO can be downloaded below:

Mapping IDUs_Finalised Report


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