CANGO Observer Mission perliminary report for the Eswatini National Primary Elections of 2018

swazi flag
Kingdom of Eswatini

The Eswatini Elections Support Network which operates under the auspices of the Coordinating Assembly of NGOs (CANGO) is a fully operational Consortium comprising of 10 Non-Governmental Organisations which focus primarily on elections undertook an observer mission for the national primary elections. The network deployed 120 observers across 44 Tinkhundla areas across all four regions. The Network which is a member of the SADC Elections Network and collaborates with the SADC Council of Non-Governmental Organisations based in Botswana.  The NGOs under the elections support network view good governance as the critical foundation for development.  Good  governance entails a government that respects the rule of law,  separation of powers  between the  Executive,  Legislature and the Judiciary,  respect  and protection of human rights, access to Justice,  delivery of quality services  and facilitate  participation of citizens  in  decision making.

The observers deployed were trained so that they become versed with procedures for monitoring/observing election and adhere to ethical guidelines that govern observer missions.  The observer mission undertook to observe the national elections as provided by the six electoral laws of Eswatini which include the following:

a) The Elections and Boundaries Commission Act, 2013.

b)The Voters Registration Act, 2013 (repeals Voters Registration Order 1992

c) The Elections Act, 2013 (repeals Elections Order 1992

d) The Senate (Elections) Act, 2013.

e) The Parliamentary (Petitions) Act, 2013; and

f) The Elections Expenses Act, 2013.

CANGO deployed 120 local observers that covered around 170 polling stations during the primary national elections. Below is the full perliminary report.

2018 Primary Elections report


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