Training Needs Assessment for all NGOs in the Kingdom of Eswatini being undertaken by CANGO

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Mbabane: CANGOs overall mandate as an umbrella body is to ensure a well-functioning and coordinated civil society. CANGO envisages a future that is characterized by a civil society which is empowered, vibrant and well-coordinated for the improvement of the quality of life for the marginalized in society CANGO has a membership of over 70 members organized into consortia: SHACO, Gender, Children, Food Security and Human Rights & Governance. These consortia through capacity building, advocacy and program implementation address relevant regional & national issues to ensure a vibrant sector and society.
Vision: Existence of a society with a decent standard of living.
Mission: Coordinate and empower NGOs to effectively deliver on their mandates

Objectives of CANGO:
• To ensure effective coordination, collaboration and networking amongst civil society by 2020.
• To provide capacity building to Secretariat, six (6) Consortia and ten (10) CSOs per year for the delivery of quality services by 2020.
• To ensure a functional grants management system for ten (10) CSOs and Secretariat by 2020.
• To ensure effective and adequate advocacy for all Consortia by 2020.
• To ensure the long term sustainability of CANGO and CSOS through developed resource mobilization strategies by 2020.

Training Needs Asessment for all NGOsoperational in the Kingdom of Eswatini

Human Resources is the backbone of any Organisation. CANGO’s one of the key mandate is building capacity of members. Over the years CANGO has provided training based on resources secured from partners which has limited capacity to broad areas such as policy analysis, budget work, advocacy. The soft skills that are key in organisational professionalism and effectiveness have not been possible. The high turnover faced by many NGOs have also depleted capacity with no mechanism to build capacity in volunteers and new staff. Therefore, CANGO would like to organise tailor made trainings targeting members. To this end, the training needs analysis questionnaire seeks for information regarding training needs.

Uploaded below on the lin is the training needs asessment and we are asking all NGOs/FBOs/CBOs/INGOs and any other form of non governmental organisation either registered or non registered with CANGO to fill in the form below and return to the adress below via email. All forms should be filled in and emailed back to and copy Please send the form back to us by the 31st August 2018.

Training Needs Assessment of NGOs in Eswatini


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