Swaziland FANRPAN Node Secretariat mourns the loss of its Seed Elder, Hon Obed Dlamini

Hon Obed Dlamini

The Swaziland Food Agriculture Natural Resource Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Node Secretariat the Coordinating Assembly of Non-Governmental Organisations in Swaziland (CANGO), the Swaziland FANRPAN Node Steering Committee & the regional FANRPAN Secretariat based in Pretoria, South Africa  wish to pass their sincere condolescences to the family and friends of Honorable Obed Dlamini who was very instrumental in supporting the development of community seed enterprise schemes under FANRPAN initiatives aimed at improving the seed sector in Swaziland.

Hon Obed Dlamini was appointed as a SEED ELDER by the FANRPAN Regional Secretariat and served the position diligently and selflessly. He was eventually honored as one of the two Seed Elders who represented Swaziland in different regional initiatives promoting the harmonization of seed security policies across four SADC member states under the auspices of the Harmonized Seed Security Project (HaSSP). Hon Obed Dlamini also formed part of the Steering Committee that was overseeing the Swaziland Seed Security Project coordinated by CANGO and supported by the New Zealand High Commission based in South Africa.

The Swaziland FANRPAN Node Secretariat CANGO on behalf of the Swaziland FANRPAN Steering Committee wish to pass their condolescences to the Dlamini Family, the nation at large who have been touched by his deeds. Truly they were touched by an angel

May his Soul Rest in Peace.

By the Swaziland FARNPAN Node Secretariat


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